The DJ mix is a special art form. It can take you on a journey and take you through different states of mind - all within a relatively short period of time. Our podcast series showcases different DJ's and artists take on the very special Stella Polaris vibe, combined with occasional live-recordings from the festival.

Stella Polaris Podcast 007
Lars has played on many many turntables over the last 25 years. These days he regularly performs in Berlin, and at his residency at the Culture Box. This time it is not his house & techno signature we are gonna listen to, but a more deeper side... We are proud to present Blagger. 
Stella Polaris Podcast 006
Nicka, the co-founder of Stella Polaris, surely knows all about the Stella Polaris vibe. After 17 years of doing Stella Polaris, he is by far the man with the most DJ-sets at Stella Polaris. When you listen to this podcast you will know that Nicka is more than ready for this summer. Don't you dare to miss it.
Stella Polaris Podcast 005 - Tue Track
We are very proud to give you the 5th installment of the Stella Polaris podcast conducted by no other than Tue Track. Legendary Danish producer and DJ. One third of Malk De Koijn. Enjoy it!!
Stella Polaris Podcast 004 - Jakob Domino
The fourth podcast comes from the smiling city of Aarhus, and is created by a music-institution in that city. His name is Jakob Domino and he is an incredibly talented and extremely versatile DJ. This mix is a treat for those chilled moments.
Stella Polaris Podcast 003 - CHLLNGR
The music for the first month of 2013 comes from one Copenhagen-based American CHLLNGR. He has been busy in 2012 touring with Spoek Mathambo, NYC band Teachers as well as the danish dancehall act Klumben & Raske Penge.  Last but not least he is a VERY talented producer and his debut album was one of our favorite releases of 2011.
Stella Polaris Podcast 002 - Thomas Madvig
One of the most renowned and hard-working DJs in Denmark for the last 15 years deliver his take on the Stella Polaris vibe in the second Stella Polaris Podcast.
Stella Polaris Podcast 001 - Unkwon
Danish multi talent DJ and producers delivers the first Stella Polaris Podcast under his most recent alias.

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